Notes, tips and tricks on iOS development.

First Steps


Welcome to NSRambling. This blog is intended to serve as a repository of notes, tips and tricks on iOS Development and other technologies.

Many times I find myself revisiting old projects where I came up with a certain solution for a certain problem. Trying to find that particular piece of code is often a lengthy taks so I figured it would be a nice idea to keep those in a centralized place and what better place than a blog so that I may also share these thoughts with others who might be having the same issue!

I also wanted to try out Octopress for the first time. My previous blogging attempts were unfruitful, in part because I don’t like Blogger or Wordpress. Doing simple tasks like getting a post up or configuring the blog itself are always a pain, plus I really enjoy using Markdown.

I think my next post should be about my personal experience setting up Octopress and deploying it on GitHub!

Until then,