Notes, tips and tricks on iOS development.

Building Blocks

The blog you are reading was built using the Octopress blogging framework. It runs on Jekyll, which is a static site generator.

Unlike platforms like Wordpress or Blogger which offer a CMS approach to blogging, Octopress focuses on simple writing and fast deployment. This means that once you have configured your environment, maintaining and deploying your blog is a very pleasant experience.

The setup process, however, is the most daunting aspect of Octopress. There’s a reason why the platform promotes itself as ‘A blogging framework for hackers’. To get you up and running you will need to be familiar with:

  • Using of the command-line (Terminal)
  • Obtaining SSHs
  • Basic understanding of Ruby
  • Using GIT

However, it’s not so bad as it seems. Octopress’ documentation will guide you through the basic installation and setup and its deployment to GitHub.

All in all, a pretty straight-forward task.